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Founded to mix our love of doggies with work… Pup Up Cafe™ came to life! We host pop up doggy based events from breed specific days to open to all doggy days & everything in between. In other words, we make dreams come true, a cafe full of your favourite puppies?! What more could you want right?

We look forward to meeting you and all of your furry friends soon.


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Pup Up Cafe Breed Specific Days

Now, it’s all well and good having all kinds of dogs around but when you start mixing St. Bernard’s with Miniature Dachshunds, some things just don’t go to plan. Our breed specific events are a great way to meet fellow owners, have a friendly coffee and chat about all things training, personality, breeding and everything in between. The photos are always brilliant too, whenever you get 50 of the same breed in the same space it leads to some beautiful photo opportunities!

Pup Up Cafe Days

We love dogs, and we’re quite fond of cafes too. That’s why we love hosting these events. It’s quite simple really; we put in all the time & resources and you guys show us your ticket on the door and share a wonderful doggy day. We usually host many competitions at our Pup Ups such as best dressed pup, most well behaved and best photo of the day. The prizes are usually doggy based, sometimes we even give the humans gifts though!


See details of our (p)upcoming events here or go STRAIGHT to tickets here.



Drop us an email with any enquiries or questions you may have.

Or if you just want a chat with a fellow doggy owner - we’re open to either. Extra points from the start if you send us photos of your doggo.