September 2022As we move away from the Summer and into Autumn we are still airing on the side of caution in terms of session sizes and capacities. We continue to operate at around 80% capacity as to not overcrowd venues and stay safe. We still have plenty of anti-bacterial available for use around our events and always ask anyone showing any signs of cold/flu/Covid-19 of any variant to not attend our events. We also ask anyone that has had contact with someone with any symptoms 7 days prior to our event to please wear a face mask when attending.

February 2022We are still listening to the latest guidance and moving cautiously into 2022 in terms of numbers and session sizes. We are keeping sessions reduced in size for now and awaiting further government guidelines and information as to how to proceed from here. As always please ensure you use a lateral flow test and receive a negative result prior to attending our events and do not attend if you have any cold/flu/Covid symptoms. We will have face masks and hand sanitizer available throughout our events and venues for your use.

January 2022Information regarding the virus causing gastroenteritis-like symptoms in dogs in Yorkshire. We are aware of dogs getting contracting illness near beaches in Yorkshire. Before attending any Pup Up Cafe event please ensure your dog has no symptoms of illness including vomiting, diarrhoea, dehydration or weakness. Whilst the vast majority of dogs catching this mystery bug make a full recovery, we would like all doggies to stay healthy and happy and also cannot accept any responsibility for illness or vet bills incurred.


November 2021 – With the news of the newly named Omicron variant we are restricting numbers per session further to ensure a 2m space per person is possible at our events and urging everyone that attends any Pup Up Cafe to be up to date with all vaccinations/boosters that are recommended for their age. As always, face masks will be provided for anyone that would like one and sanitizer is present around every venue we host in. We hope everyone is keeping safe and we can keep running fun Pup Up Cafe events in a safe environment!


May 2021 Hi everyone, thanks for bearing with us during this crazy year! It’s been a whirlwind of emotions, planning, furloughing, replanning, stock replacement and when it came down to it, just plain surviving!

Refunds: We’ve refunded everyone that has asked for a refund. Everyone who has kept their tickets (huge thank you to you guys!) will be sent details of new rescheduled events in due course, we’re hoping to launch all rescheduled events within a month of opening again. Some venues have closed permanently so the event will be totally reorganised and details sent via email.

New bookings (May 2021 onwards): With our fingers crossed, we’re out of the dark times and all good to carry on with life as it was. If there are further local or national lockdowns and an event has to be rescheduled by law or by way of common sense, we will email all attendees and inform of the plans and details of a new event. Refunds can be processed as and when required.

COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS: As much as it is a personal choice as to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, it is our choice to ask that everyone who wishes to attend a Pup Up Cafe ensures they have received their vaccine. This is to protect staff, customers and everyone else involved with our events. If you show any symptoms of Covid-19 please do not attend any Pup Up Cafes. If you show symptoms of Covid-19 up to two weeks after attending a Pup Up Cafe, please email us and let us know.

Again, thanks for being patient with us during these times. Us and the Pup Up Cafe teams really cannot wait to travel the country, bring together these wonderful communities and see all of you wonderful people and your pups once again!
If you need anything else, please email us on
See you all soon,
Marcus, Jessica & Neegan