It’s quite simple really – we love dogs, we love cafes and we love running events. We put it all together and Pup Up Cafe came to life! They are a great place to meet fellow dog owners/lovers to mingle, chat all things dog, get a puppuccino, browse doggy related trade stands, get some photos taken and let you dog have all the fun in the world. In our humble opinion, a wonderful way to spend a few hours of a day.

Our events are organised in two different ways; Either you’ll pick up a ticket with a time session already attached to it, ‘Dachshund Owner 10-11.30am Session’ for example, or you’ll simply pick up a ‘Dachshund Owner’ ticket and let us know your preferred time. For the former, you’ll probably already know your time session (hint: it would be 10-11.30am) and for the latter, you’ll be sorted into your preferred time session and confirmed with a text at least a week before the event. Easy, right?!

No need to print tickets off – we’re all up to date with the tech and simply need your name on the door. Keep the ticket email favourited or download the Fatsoma app to keep them to hand for peace of mind if you’d like.

We would need more details – it’s best to give us a message on Facebook or an email. We try to make sure 90% of the attendees of our breed specific events are the breed in question. Some breeds don’t mix well with others, small doesn’t do too well with large, etc. Get in touch and we’d be happy to see if you can bring your doggy along!

In short – yes! We love having trade stands at our events and we think it works out to be beneficial for all. We do like to ensure there aren’t 3 bow tie stands at each event for example, we like a varied mix and only 2-5 stands at each event depending on the venue size. Just send us an email with the event you’d like to attend along with your business details and we’ll get back to you with the info!

It’s a very simple 60 second process – click on the ticket link, select which tickets you need, checkout via our secure ticket provider Fatsoma and bam – you’re booked in.

All of our event tickets are available via this link: TICKETS