So, unfortunately, we can’t have 300 dogs and 300 people in many venues at the same time. To fix that, we split our events into sessions! There are two ways you’ll know your time session, listed below for you.

Firstly, the simple one, most of our events are split into sessions already so your time session will be on your ticket! 10-11.30, 12-1.30 etc. Easy.

For certain events you if buy a ticket that isn’t time specific you would have let us know a preferred time of day and given us your mobile number when booking. It’s quite simple from there – we send out a text to the mobile number you gave us at least a week before the event giving you your time session! If you haven’t received one – just give us an email and we’ll sort that out for you.

The doggies are central to our event so we want to look after you and them as best we can. We make every effort we can to secure the venue and make it as dog friendly as possible but please keep an eye on your dog at all times as we cannot take responsibility of care for pets. We ask that all dogs are taken for a short walk prior to the event so any business they have to do is taken care of. If they have an accident please take responsibility for the mess – we will have supplies ready for this, bags/puppy pads/cleaning equipment, please just ask a Pup Up Cafe™ staff member. There are plenty of treats avaliable for the dogs around the venue. If you wouldn’t like your dog fed anything, please let us know and keep him/her with you especially during the ‘off lead’ time. There will be water bowls dotted around for your dogs, we also come prepared with blankets should your dog become too cold – the venues we use are usually average room temperature. If your dog is aggressive or ruining the enjoyment of other participants, we reserve the right to ask you to leave – but we haven’t had to yet!

Please DO NOT bring your dog along if they are: In season, aggressive towards other dogs or people, very nervous in crowds, not up to date with vaccinations or don’t like to be social.

We welcome all dogs, but please use common sense, if your dog isn’t going to enjoy our event, then it may be best not to bring them along!

Dog lovers are just as special to us! There will be anywhere from 30-100 dogs in each session that we hold (providing everyone that has booked to come to the event, attends) – most owners are there to chat, share their pets with people who are interested in the breed and have a good time so please feel free to mingle, share tables with the dog owners and enjoy the day! We ask for all regular humans attending our event to please ask dog owners before petting, feeding or otherwise interacting with the doggies – most owners will be happy to let you interact with their pets, but best to ask first. Other than that – enjoy your time in our little slice of heaven!

When arriving at the event the Pup Up Cafe™ team will check you in outside the venue, we ask everyone to arrive 15 minutes before their time slot and form a queue outside the venue. It would be a great idea to bring along your ticket in any form (email/Fatsoma app/paper/eaten by dog) but we have all the details on our side so all you really need is yourself and memory of your name.

Inside the event we like to have fun! There will always be competitions like best dressed for dogs to win great prizes in every time slot, people like to walk around and chat and everyone gets everywhere! Your reserved time session will be at least one hour long, There will be lots of activities to take part in including puppuccinos at the bar, ball pits/tunnels for the dogs to play in plus lots of props for photo opportunities, dog treats, toys, local businesses to browse and much more. If you’re running late or need to leave early please find a member of the Pup Up Cafe™ team and they will help you. As the barriers are used and doors are shut during off lead time it’s best to leave any movement of these to a staff member to avoid any escapees.

We usually have multiple trade stands at each event so you can pick up some treats/clothes/goodies for the pups – these are mostly related to the breed of the event, (Dachshund goodies for our Dachshund days) or doggy goodies in general! Please note some stands only accept cash payments.

When leaving the event you will be asked to put dogs on leads before the end of your session, then you will be asked to vacate the venue (providing no one has asked to stay later!) Usually there’s a little chat to the new group and their doggies outside before we get the new session inside.

If we’ve done anything you like prior to, on the day of or after the event please do leave us a good review on Facebook here, it helps a lot. Also – if everyone had a good time we can come back and host another event soon!

Most of our venues are open, airy and light leading to a wonderful day of doggies running around and socialising. The majority of our venues are fully wheelchair accessible, offer drinks and gluten free/vegan food options and all will allow us to give out puppuccinos to the doggies. Please give us an email or a message on Facebook if you have specific needs in a venue.

Photography – Smile, you’re on camera! We usually utilize 1 or 2 professional photographers and have some local media along for the day. Please just ask the photographers if you would like a photo taken and they will be happy to oblige, all photos (minus blurry ones!) taken at our event go up on our Facebook Page soon after the event and are free for your use, you must like our Page to be able to Tag the photos. We also usually have some form of public media present, for example a magazine writing a piece, a news reporter or a local media firm. If you would not like your photo/video taken please let us know beforehand or when entering the venue.

We try to keep a very active social feed so please share and tag us in the photos you take on Facebook @Pup Up Cafe, on Instagram @Pupupcafe or Twitter @PupUpCafe and we’ll be sure to share the best ones!

Transport – Our events are usually held close to a train station, bus stop & car park/s, to ensure everyone that wants to attend, can attend. Please reach out to us per event via email if you need to know any parking/transport details.

Charity – We like to support breed specific charities in any way we can, for example we usually have DMT along to our Dachshund events for example. If we can help your charity, please reach out.

Emergency – Please use common sense or contact a member of the Pup Up Cafe™ team or the venue staff if there are any emergencies, we carry the number of an emergency veterinary clinic just in case and at least one member of staff will be certified in emergency pet CPR & first aid.