National Chains

We work with multiple nationwide venue chains in different capacities and love doing it! From filling up quieter days/times with our special one-off events to filling up a whole day each month with 100’s of people and dogs. We can work with national booking teams or individual sales/general managers to host a variety of events in your venue. Our team comes from the hospitality industry running events and venues for years so have vast experience, reach out today and lets see what we can do.

Private Venues

We LOVE working with private venues, often events can be much more personal and venue staff can be much more involved with lots of tiny details that aren’t possible when working with larger establishments. We’ve had relationships with individual venues for over five years hosting great large and small Pup Up Cafe’s, usually taking over for a day for our breed specific events! Do you think your venue could do well with a Pup Up Cafe event? Reach out today, we can’t wait to hear from you.