Hi I’m Marcus & I started Pup Up Cafe in 2018. Mixing together my 10 years of events experience with my love for dogs and running small businesses – Pup Up Cafe was born! Based in Devon, at the start of 2019 we hosted our first sold out Dachshund Pup Up Cafe in Exeter with over 200 dachshunds in attendance. My favorite thing about running Pup Up Cafe events is people arriving with not much idea about what to expect then leaving with a massive smile on their face! Outside of ‘work’ I enjoy the sun, cars, films, food, watches & gaming.


Hi I’m Jess! I’m present at most events running the Pup Up Cafe Trade Stand and taking photos! I love reading and love being able to play with all things fluffy. My fav dog is a Dalmatian (should probably say dachshund as I own one, but I’ve always wanted a Dalmatian) My favourite thing about working with Pup Up Cafe is the organization side; finding venues and watching it all come together. On event days it’s amazing seeing how happy everyone is with lil paws running around. Seeing men holding a tiny dog dressed in a tutu never fails to make me laugh too!

The Dogmobile

How do you think we get around the country so often and so quickly? Obviously it’s with our trusty Pup Up Cafe Dogmobile. We used to rent cars/vans and then had something that looked like it was ready to give up the ghost on every trip (even though she was perfect for 40,000 miles!) Give us a toot if you see us on the roads, we’re hard to miss with a DOGGO number plate plus all the dog faces stuck along each side! A trusty member of the team since 2020, she hasn’t let us down yet and we’re hoping for many happy years of motoring inside the Dogmobile cabin visiting all of your beautiful faces and dogs.


Whether it’s helping setup our office, driving, helping out with events that temporary staff drop out of, Mums the word. Alongside her own career, she’s been helping the Pup Up Cafe out since the start and many of our South West event attendees will recognise her as she’s probably stolen a cuddle with your dog.


@naughtyneegan on Instagram, as Marcus doesn’t really do titles, Neegan claimed the title of CEO. Our resident ‘sausage’ is a pampered, very barky but very loveable boy. Bring some earplugs & prepare for lots of face licks if you visit Pup Up Cafe HQ – Neegan runs the roost.


@nalagoldielocks on Instagram. She’s a frequent office visitor as is the Golden of Marcus’ Mum & Sister who both help out with the Pup Up Cafe! A VERY attention demanding pup, you’ll always know when Nala’s in the office as her 40kg of golden fluff will be trying to sit on your lap.