A Sausage Dog Pup-Up Cafe Is Coming To Manchester, And It’s Too Cute

This Dachshund pup-up cafe is a little paradise for pooches and dog-lovers too.

The most adorable hangout spot for dogs is coming to Manchester, and it’s especially for Dachshund puppies, so listen up if you’ve got one of these tiny sausage dogs yourself. Also, listen up if you fancy being surrounded by the cute pooches at this Dachshund pup-up cafe. Plus, we promise more pics of sausage dogs further down the page.

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The Dachshund Pup-Up Cafe will bring up to 50 tiny sausage dogs together per session at Revolution Parsonage Gardens on May 19. It’s the perfect place to socialise puppies, and honestly, we’re a bit jealous of how luxurious it all sounds, with unlimited, free puppuccinos on offer throughout the sessions.

Free, unlimited dog treats will also be available, so you can really spoil the tiniest member of your furry family, and stalls will be set up selling Dachshund-related products, too. Plus, humans also get a treat by being surrounded by such cuteness.

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Photographers will be on-site, with probably the most pawfect job they’ve ever been given – photographing puppies and their owners. You’re bound to get some brilliant photos here, with such a fun atmosphere. The room will be filled with ball-pits, tunnels, toys and other things for these pint-sized pooches to enjoy.

There’s also the All Paws Pup-Up Cafe event, too, allowing all sorts of dogs free reign – all friendly ones, of course. This one will take place on the same day as the Dachshund only event, also at Revolution Parsonage Gardens, straight after the sausages, meaning owners of all kinds of dogs can come along, meet other owners, and allow their pooches off lead time, if they so wish.

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There are two sessions taking place for Dachshunds on May 19 which are available between 10am-11.30am and 12pm-1.30pm, and one event from 4pm-5.30pm for the All Paws event.

If you fancy attending any of these sessions, whether an owner or just a dog-lover (we know), find tickets for the Dachshund Pup-Up Cafe here, and the All Paws event here.

Grab your tickets here: https://www.pupup.cafe/tickets/
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