An adorable Pup-Up Cafe, where dachshunds can hang out and play, is coming to Manchester this month.

If you own a sausage dog or just love these little cuties, you could be surrounded by 50 of them at this Pup-Up Cafe: Dachshund Edition, held at Lola Lo on September 30th.

Pup Up Cafe

The miniature size pooches can enjoy free unlimited puppuccinos throughout the sessions while they slurp and play in this spacious setting.

Pup Up Cafe

The little fellas can also make the most of chomping on free unlimited doggie treats so doting owners can spoil their fur babies and gaze at them with adoration while they have the time of their lives.

There will also be stalls selling Dachshund-related merchandise and pet accessories, so you can pick up an early Christmas present for your wee doggo.

This memorable experience will also be captured on camera with photographers on-site to take the pawfect snap of you and your pooch.

Pup Up Cafe

The room will have plenty of fun toys and things for the pups to do including ball-pits and tunnels they can jump in and run through with their 49 other furry friends.

Staff will be on hand to ensure the safety of the dogs and the security of the venue, while owners and their pets can relax and enjoy their day.

Tickets for this event cost £15.00 for a regular human – plus a 50p booking fee – for an hour and a half session, and for dachshund owners it costs £9.50, plus a 50p booking fee.

Pup Up Cafe

There will be two sessions taking place on Saturday, September 30th, which are available between 10am-11.30am and 12pm-1.30pm.

The Pup-Up Cafe: Dachshund event will take place at Lola Lo, Deansgate Locks, Manchester M1 5LH.

For more information about the Dachshund Pup-Up, click HERE.

And for pug-lovers, a special Pug Pup-Up event will also be taking place at Lola Lo’s later in the day from 2-3.30pm – it’s a dog’s life!

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