Dog bowls of fun for this puppy loving SME.

Bionic chatted with Marcus, who runs the Pup Up Cafe, a pup centred SME who put on special events for different dog breeds. We found out how they started.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of a dog meetup, you (and your pet) are in for a doggy treat. To celebrate National Pet Month this April, Bionic spoke to Marcus Ackford who runs the Pup Up Cafe, a pop-up event business that encourages your furry friend to make pals of their own.

From French bulldogs and pugs to dachshunds and doodles, the Pup Up Cafe was created three years ago to help dogs interact with their own breed and socialise.

Owners simply head to Pup Up’s website, choose the closest event targeted to their breed and swipe up some tickets. Dog lovers then turn up at the event with their pooch to enjoy a cuppa and share tips with like-minded owners while their puppy pals have fun with new friends. You can read more at the original article below.