The Pup Up Café in Blackpool, 2021
The Pup Up Café in Blackpool, 2021 (Image: Pup Up Cafe)

If you’re a dog lover, then you might want to read on because there’s an exciting event coming to Blackpool. Pup Up Café will soon be heading over to the seaside town on their Dachshund Tour.

That’s right, almost 100 sausages dogs will be part of the tour at Revolution Blackpool. Anyone interested in furry boost of serotonin can purchase a ticket to mingle with up to 50 Dachshunds per session – but you’ve got to be quick as the event sold out last time.

So all you need to do is buy your ticket and bring your sausage for an evening of cuddles and fun.

Photos will be taken by the event’s resident photographer and our furry friends will be treated to unlimited puppuccinos and treats. Using their “usual floor” of Revolution, the area will be safe, secured and staffed to ensure the dogs can have “off lead time” without the owners having to worry.

Local dog businesses will also be showcased at the event. As the dogs are central to the café, organisers ask owners to take their pups for a short walk beforehand to ensure all they have to do at the event is be taken care of.

Owners and their dogs standing in the queue for the event
Owners and their dogs standing in the queue for the event (Image: Pup Up Café)

There will be water bowls dotted around, as well as blankets if the event space gets too cold. There will be anywhere between 30-100 dogs per session and most owners are there to chat, share their pets and have a good time.

There will be competitions for the dogs, ball pits, tunnels, props, treats and toys during the session. If this sounds good to you, you can find out more or book your ticket to the event.

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