A ‘pup up’ café especially for sausage dogs and their owners is coming to MK this Saturday.

All dachshund owners are invited to take their pets to the Revolucion de Cuba cocktail car in the Theatre District, where they and their dogs can mingle and enjoy treats.

The event is organised by the specialist Pup Up Cafe company, which is based in Devon, and tickets must be booked in advance.

The company also organises similar events all over the country for pugs, French bulldogs, poodles and doodles.

Sessions in Revolucion de Cuba will be held at different time slots during the day and there will be up to 50 dachshunds and owners per session.

There will be unlimited dog treats available at treat stations as well as unlimited free puppuccino drinks for all the dogs.Photographers will be taking pictures and videos and prizes given out at random for the best dressed dog in each session.

There will be ball pits, tunnels, toys and other fun props for the Dachshunds and local doggy-related trade stands for the owners to view.

A spokesman said: “The doggies are central to our event so we want to look after you and them as best we can.”

He added: “ We ask that all dogs are taken for a short walk prior to the event so any business they have to do is taken care of. If they have an accident please take responsibility for the mess – we will have supplies ready for this, bags/puppy pads/cleaning equipment.”

“We always give out treats to all the humans attending, to give to the dogs of course. There will be water bowls dotted around for your dogs, we also come prepared with blankets should your dog become too cold – the venues we use are usually average room temperature.”

The business was founded to make people’s dreams come true. “A café full of your favourite pups? Being surrounded by adorable puppies with a coffee in hand…What more could you want?” said the spokesman.

Sessions will be held between 10am and 2pm. Dogs and children under eight go free, and ticket prices for owners are £9.

Dachshund lovers who do not own a dog are welcome to attend, but they must pay £12 for a ticket.

Grab your tickets here: https://www.pupup.cafe/tickets//