Festive fun was promised to four-legged friends and their owners, as the Nonsuch Studios in Lower Parliament Street, hosted the event last Saturday.

Each session was filled with up to 50 dachshunds, all dressed head-to-toe in festive jumpers and handmade, knitted Santa hats.

As the doors were shut and the leads were off, organised chaos began to unfold.

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© Amelia Gargiulo

Amongst the doggies were Koko, Loki and Cruz, owned by Tom Jenkins, of Smithies Close, Nottingham.

Tom, who was dressed as Santa, said: “It’s a great way to meet new owners and get to know them and their dogs.

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© Amelia Gargiulo

“Koko, Loki and Cruz absolutely love the Pup-Up Café events, and clearly so do I.”

All three wagged their tails in sync, and thoroughly enjoyed their morning of socialising and fun.

The Dachshunds revelled in the freedom to explore and mingle with each other, as well as other owners who eagerly showered them in treats.

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© Amelia Gargiulo

Unlimited Puppuccinos, consisting of a tiny paper cup filled with whipped cream and topped with a treat, stole the show amongst the furry visitors.

Around the edges of the studio an array of tables hosted a vibrant showcase of gifts from cosy dog beds to stylish jumpers, tempting treats and handmade waterproofs.

For those who booked tickets in advance, a few were set aside for ‘regular humans’, such as Amelie Gerome Hall, 18, of Nelson’s Street, Nottingham, who dreams of a day when she can call one her very own.

Amelie said: “I feel as if I am in heaven.

“I still have two years left at university, so unfortunately, I have to wait until then. I feel like I am teasing myself by coming here today, but it is worth it.

“I love the spotty ones; they are my favourite.”

The Pup-Up Café continues to hold Dachshund events in multiple locations across the country including Leeds and Sheffield.

Grab tickets for other events here.

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