The Pop Up Café is back in Edinburgh for their third dachshund event. The last pop up welcomed more than 200 sausage dogs as well as the owners and droves of doting dachshund fans.

Pup Up Café is back in Edinburgh for the third time with their ever-successful Dachshund café event. Over 200 little sausage dogs were in attendance at the last event which went down a storm in the capital.

This year, on Sunday July 17, they will be bringing “new toys, goodies to buy and tons of new photo ops with tons of new props”. Last year’s cafe had a tiny leather chaise lounge for the adorable pooches to pose on.

The pop-up café is held in The Old Dr Bells’ Baths in Leith which has a café, outdoor seating area and large hall its own bar for the serving puppuccinos.

There is plenty of space for pups to roam free and play with other sausage dogs. With ball pits, tunnels, toys, and props for those Instagram pictures, the event promises a fun-filled day on mingling with furry, little friends.

Each sessions allows 50 dogs whether attendees want to socialise their dachshund or arrange doggy playdates. Those who don’t own dachshunds are also welcome.

On the day there will be trade stands from local vendors selling dog-themed gifts as well as dog accessories and dog coats while unlimited dog treats are available from special treat stations.

A photographer will be taking snaps and videos on the day and prizes will be awarded at random for the best-dressed dog in each session.

The company regularly holds dog events round the UK and for different breeds such as pugs, french bulldogs, and poodles.

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