There’ll be Valentine’s photo ops galore, unlimited pupuccinos, off lead time and a whole lot of love around at this year’s first Pup Up Cafe in Manchester.

Want to socialise your pooch, meet other owners and see lots of similar doggos in a fun couple of hours? Following past successful sessions, the Pup Up Cafe is back, kicking off 2024 with some extra loving Valentine’s guests, Dachshunds and Pugs on Saturday 3 February.

Get ready for a special Valentine’s day with tons of photo ops, plus all the usual Pup Up Cafe fun. Their Manchester venue will be packed out with pups and allowed to mingle in a safe, secure space.

There will be just one session per breed, and pups can mingle with up to 50 dogs per session and have photos taken by a dedicated photographer for your use, including special Valentine’s props and photo ops. There will unlimited puppuccinos and treats for all dogs (if the owner allows), local dog businesses to browse, and of course, a safe, secure and staffed space for ‘off lead time‘.

The Valentine’s Pup Up Cafe is set to be packed full of adorable fun times, but remember, do not bring your dog along if they are: In seasonaggressive towards other dogs or people, very nervous in crowds, not up to date with vaccinations or don’t like to be social – the Pup Up Cafe welcomes all dogs, but visitors are urged to use common sense and do what’s best for the dog.

Credit: Pup-Up Cafe

Pup Up Cafe organisers ask that all dogs are taken for a short walk prior to the event so any business they have to do is taken care of. If they have an accident you’re asked to take responsibility for the mess – they will have supplies ready for this – bags/puppy pads/cleaning equipment – just ask a Pup Up Cafe staff member.

As always, dogs go free with a reserved spot, but each dog should be accompanied by a ticket-holding owner, priced at £9.50, with regular humans coming to admire the pups needing a £15 ticket.

Credit: Pup Up Cafe

Better be quick with tickets on this one as there’s only one session per breed for the Valentine’s Pup Up Cafe! Find tickets here.

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