Pup Up Café hosted three sessions on Sunday for dachshunds, French bulldogs and pugs, and doodles

Ruff was in the air at Revolution in Newcastle this morning as dachshunds descended on the popular bar for a pup up café.

Sausage dogs and their owners came from as far as Hartlepool to enjoy unlimited puppucinos, ball pits, and stalls selling doggie delights – such as sausage-sized denim jackets, raw food, and beauty products. They were also able to socialise with other dachshunds, though some who were a little nervous preferred to stay at the heels (or in the arms) of their owners.

It’s not the first event of its kind in Newcastle, with Pup Up Cafe’s Dashing Dachshund Tour stopping off in the city last August, which saw more than 200 sausage dogs get together in the bar amid a party atmosphere with ball pits and photo booths.

Emma Orton, who arrived in a matching jumper with her dog Henrik, said: “We’ve so far taken our dog to every single one, he’s 18 months and absolutely loves it and the benefit is definitely that they sleep for five hours after they’ve been here for an hour so that’s nice!”

She added: “Bringing them somewhere they can play, especially with the dogs of their own kind as well, and obviously you’ve got the little stores, we’ve bought him loads of clothes he’s got one of the denim jackets. It’s just so nice for them!”

Following the dachshunds were sessions for French bulldogs and pugs, and doodles.

Marcus Ackford, founder of Pup Up Café, said: “Most of the sessions are basically the same. You find with the different breeds there are different environments and the dachshunds are kind of civilised gentlemen, you have the doodles that run up to everyone and just want some love, and the pugs and Frenchies which are a bit much hectic – but generally it’s a bit of organised chaos.”

Grab your tickets here: https://www.pupup.cafe/tickets/