More than 200 Dachshunds are expected to attend a “Pup Up” Café this Easter Saturday as it returns to Revolution Putney for the second year running.

Eventgoers are encouraged to bring their sausage shaped companions to mingle with others and enjoy a fun day out with tons planned for the dogs.

Cafe director Marcus Ackford, said: “It’s a really nice opportunity to talk to like-minded people, to get advice and just talk about the breed.

“Lots of people arrange local walks and things after the events as well.

“Every time we go to Putney we have a great time, so we’re hoping to bring all of our breed tours there eventually and bring kind of all the local dog communities together. “

The event is perfect for owners who want to socialise their Dachshund, meet other owners, share dog care tips, and arrange dog walks.

Humans with no Dachshunds are also welcomed, and encouraged to talk to the dog owners but to ask permission before interacting with their dogs.

Dog businesses based in Putney and across south west London will also be present to sell their wares and give advice to owners if needed.

There will be a professional photographer present to capture the Dachshunds looking their best and they will be available for free on the Facebook page.

Pup Up Café is a puppy pop-up event run by a small team based in Devon that host events all around the UK catered to specific breeds.

Ackford started Pup Up Café fusing two of his passions, after years hosting club events and having worked in a veterinary recruitment firm in America.

To avoid mayhem, the day will be split up into two sessions, one from 10-11:30am and the second one from 12-1:30pm.

Pup Up Café have been given exclusive access to both floors of Revolution Putney the event will include plenty of space for the dogs to run around in a safe environment.

There will be unlimited dog treats and free puppuccinos for all doggies, ball pits, tunnels, toys, and prizes for the best dressed dog.

Tickets are still available for those with Dachshunds and humans without dogs to attend one of two sessions planned for Saturday 16th April.

To find out more, visit the Facebook event page here.

Grab your tickets here: