The Pup Up Cafe, an innovative initiative aimed at uniting dog owners and their pets while simultaneously supporting local shelters, is all set to return to Revolution Southampton on February 18. The event is designed with a special Valentine’s theme to add a festive element to the gathering, transforming it into a hub of activity for canine lovers and their furry friends.

A Meeting Point for Dogs and Owners

With a capacity to accommodate up to 300 dogs and their owners, The Pup Up Cafe provides a unique platform for interaction and mingling. Dog owners can explore a variety of activities with their pets, engage with other dog enthusiasts, and capture memorable moments using an array of fun props.

Special Sessions for Different Breeds

The event is meticulously structured into different sessions, catering specifically to dachshunds and pugs. Additionally, there is an ‘All Paws’ session, open to all friendly dogs, stirring a melting pot of diverse breeds and personalities.

Supporting Local Shelters

In a compassionate move, local dog shelters have been invited to attend the ‘All Paws’ session free of charge. This initiative aims to provide potential new homes for the dogs in need, making the event more than just a social gathering but a beacon of hope for the less fortunate canines.

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