Pup Up Café comes to Revolution Southampton for Valentine’s Day

The Pup Up Café will be at Revolution Southampton on February 18, with space for 300 dogs and their owners.

Dog owners can bring their furry companions to Revolution, in Bedford Place on February 18, to meet like-minded owners and take their pets for some activities at the Valentine-themed event.

Participants can participate in activities and competitions, such as ball pits, games and dog games.

There will also be stalls of local traders, and you can pose your pup with a multitude of props for some funny photos.

Local shelters are also invited to bring their dogs to see if they can find a new home.

A spokesperson for Pup Up Café said: “We have visited the city several times to host our usual dachshund, pug or doodle pop-up events in Southampton.

“However, this February we are here for our Valentine tour with sessions for dachshunds, pugs and the All Paws one which is open to all friendly dogs.

“Most of our events are split into sessions and tickets are available to purchase through our website, so your session time will be on your ticket.

“We ask that those attending our event please ask their dog owners before petting, feeding or otherwise interacting with their dogs.

“Most owners will be happy to let you interact with their pet, but it’s always best to ask first.

“This event is a little different from the rest – it’s a special one as we’re inviting local dog shelters along for free to our ‘All Paws’ session.

“We are doing this in hopes that any dog ​​in need of adoption, can find love and potential dog owners at our Valentines event.”

There will be sessions of around 50 dogs at a time and dog owners should consider whether their dog is suitable for the Cafe.

Spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Grab tickets for events here.

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