A pop-up dog cafe is coming to Bristol this summer. Strange Brew will be hosting a popular national event, Pup Up Cafe’s on June 10.

Founded by Marcus Ackford, Pup Up Cafe has been one of his many successful adventures over the years.

“It’s just me and my partner who travel the country and host these events. We put our blood, sweat and tears into the organisation and the running of the events and love the fact that we can bring together these breed communities in a fun and safe environment,” Marcus said.

This year the Pup Up Cafe is coming to Bristol with a Hawaiian twist.

Upon entry each dog will be given a floral bow and there will be a range of activities for owners and their dogs to participate in including ball pits, tunnels and competitions.

A photographer will be present with photo props to take Instagram-worthy photos of owners and their pooches.

“It’s great socialisation for the dogs (and the humans) and that’s always important. Alongside that, it’s constant smiles at a Pup Up Cafe and we take some great photos that people can cherish, overall it’s some serotonin filled time in an ever stressful world,” Marcus told Bristol24/7.

The Pup Up Cafe in Bristol will be separated into three different time-slots, specifically dedicated to Dachshunds, poodles, and pugs and Frenchies.

“My partner’s favourite (memory) is seeing fully grown men with big beards holding a little pug or tiny dachshund in a tutu – never fails to get a chuckle,” Marcus reminisced.

Tickets to the Bristol event can be found here.

Grab your tickets here: https://www.pupup.cafe/tickets/
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