The Dachshund Pup Up Cafe is returning to Southend’s Vodka Revolution in Queens Road on February 26 from 10am.

Mr Ackford of Pup Up Cafe said of his event: “We started doing it about three years ago and we tour the UK with events for French bulldogs, pugs, cockapoos and dachshunds.

“It’s a way for the different dog communities to get together and have a nice catch up. We have a photobooth, lots of toys and treats for the dogs too.

“We also have a best dressed contest for the pets at the event. The event in February will be from 10am to 5pm and we expect to have a number of sessions.

“Last time in Southend it was full with 150 dogs and we hope to have more and a better turnout this time around.”

He said about 75 people and dogs are booked in so far for the doggie meeting at the popular town centre bar.

He added: “We started it as we realised there was nothing in the UK for dog owners which is between a walk in the park and a Crufts competition.

“We wanted to help create an event which sits in the middle of the two polar opposites. The reaction has been great and it’s lots of fun too.

“Lots of owners and pups return after coming to one event and enjoying it so much.”

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