Pug & Frenchie owners get ready

Fresh of the doggy heels of hosting a pop up Daschund cafe back in November in Bristol, the Pup Up Cafe team are back with a new addition: Pugs & Frencies.

This time the event is going to be taking place at Revolution Bristol 🐶on Sunday the 8th of March.

The events usually end up gathering over 150 doggos throughout the day, with the following expected:

• Mingle with up to 50 other Pugs, Frenchies & owners
• Dog treats for your use at the dedicated ‘treat stations’
• Unlimited free puppuccinos for all the Pugs & Frenchies!
• Ball pits, tunnels, toys and many other fun props
• Photographer/s taking photos
• Competitions for the best dressed pups
• Pug & Frenchie related trade stands to buy lots of goodies

Dogs go free but still need a ticket and under 8s also go free.

Pug Tickets: http://bit.ly/PugBristol

Frenchie Tickets: http://bit.ly/FrenchieBristol

On the day info: https://www.pupup.cafe/on-the-day

Original article: https://www.bestofbristol.co/theres-a-pop-up-pug-frenchie-cafe-coming-to-bristol/?fbclid=IwAR398dwzjopRWbcIQaMOCWiJkRraK4Ft3TwsdTsl0-wdVIkHxaBfkSTYHuw