These Dog Cafes Are Coming To Yorkshire This Spring

These Dog Cafes Are Coming To Yorkshire This Spring

If you’re a dog owner, and you’re like us then you want to be able to give your pooch all the experiences that you can. And the pup up cafe in Yorkshire and its range of cities allow you and your pooch to go along and socialise with like mind people (and dogs). From themed events like daschund and pugs to their new ‘All Paws’, which invited all good doggos along to play.

Make sure you clear your schedule for these event in 2024 as they are a great way to make your year a whole lot cuter. They might just be the cutest things happening in Yorkshire this year. Happening in York, Leeds and Sheffield, these pup-up cafes let you can bring your dog – or, if you’re a dog lover without a dog – you can just come down and enjoy a coffee surrounded by cute balls of floof.

The Pup Up cafes in these Yorkshire cities offer up the chance to win prizes on the day, purchase outfits and treatos for your, doggos, a whole host of toys and games for the doggos, and amazing photo opportunities (because, we all have an Instagram for our dogs.- right?). The organisers of this pop-up cafe are offering unlimited dog treats and “puppoccinos” – so your dog can live its best cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Pup Up Cafe Yorkshire

It’s the perfect way to socialise with other dogs owners whilst your pets mingle. We all know dogs are a great way to meet other people, and this event gives you a space where you can let you dog play, whilst you play along, or get to know other dog enthusiasts.

Pup Up Cafe Yorkshire
Credit: Pup Up Cafe

Check out the list of the pup up cafe Yorkshire events below:

Leeds Revolution – Electric Press, West Yorkshire

  • Sunday 26th May – Dacschund Pup Up (10am)
  • Sunday 26th May – All Paws Pup Up (2pm)

Sheffield – Lost & Found, South Yorkshire

  • Sunday, 3rd March – Dacschund Pup Up (10am)
  • Sunday, 3rd March – All Paws Pup Up (2pm)

York – Revolution, North Yorkshire

  • Sunday, 21st April – Dacschund Pup Up (10am)
  • Sunday, 21st April – Pug Pup Up (2pm)

If any of these Pup Up cafes in Yorkshire seem like a bit of you, get your tickets and find out more information here.

Feature Image Credit: Pup Up Cafe

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